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Suits S04E04 (2011)

Suits S04E04 (2011)

Suits S04E04 Leveraged HDTV.XviD-AFG.srt

Suits S04E04 (2011)

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00:00:00,001 --> 00:00:01,211
Anteriormente en Suits...

00:00:01,263 --> 00:00:03,790
Walter, no puedo
garantizarte que ganemos...

00:00:03,907 --> 00:00:06,661
pero puedo garantizarte
que jamás te venderé.

00:00:06,686 --> 00:00:08,632
Me dijiste que Mike
Ross no era una amenaza...

00:00:08,657 --> 00:00:10,525
y luego nos detuvo con
una medida cautelar.

00:00:10,556 --> 00:00:12,463
Quiero pruebas que
renuncia a su oferta...

00:00:12,488 --> 00:00:13,822
y si no las tienes para mañana...

00:00:13,847 --> 00:00:15,642
voy a llamar a mis
investigadores privados...

00:00:15,667 --> 00:00:18,228
- y voy a terminar lo que empecé.
- ¿Qué te dijo Harvey?

00:00:18,253 --> 00:00:19,653
Parece que me dijo la verdad.

00:00:19,721 --> 00:00:21,021
Hemos terminado.

00:00:21,089 --> 00:00:23,274
Quiero que pares los
ataques personales a Mike.

00:00:23,299 --> 00:00:25,181
Me dijiste que esto no
iba a ser un problema.

00:00:25,206 --> 00:00:28,479
No debes detener esto porque
seas un hombre cambiado.

00:00:28,563 --> 00:00:30,564
Debes hacerlo porque me lo debes.

00:00:30,632 --> 00:00:32,566
Sr. Ross. Eric Woodall.

00:00:32,617 --> 00:00:34,034
Soy el fiscal por...

00:00:34,102 --> 00:00:35,453
El distrito sur de Nueva York.

00:00:35,537 --> 00:00:36,620
Sé quién es.

00:00:36,705 --> 00:00:38,289
¿Desde cuándo la CVC va...

00:00:38,380 --> 00:00:40,882
intimidando firmas yendo
tras sus clientes?

00:00:40,942 --> 00:00:42,844
No lo hace, pero lo
hará cuando Eric...

00:00:42,869 --> 00:00:44,745
Woodall empiece allí
la próxima semana.

00:00:44,746 --> 00:00:47,548
Siete clientes, siete citaciones...

00:00:47,615 --> 00:00:49,133
todo mañana.

00:00:53,424 --> 00:00:57,134
Una traducción de www. SUBTÍTULOS.es

00:01:07,486 --> 00:01:09,653
Disculpe, no tiene una cita.

00:01:09,738 --> 00:01:10,804
No necesito una cita.

00:01:10,856 --> 00:01:12,573
Siéntate, cállate y escucha.

00:01:13,302 --> 00:01:16,239
Havery podrá perdonarte por haber
devuelto esas cintas pero yo no.

00:01:16,264 --> 00:01:17,702
- Donna.
- No termine.

00:01:17,846 --> 00:01:19,980
Lo que Harvey hizo con
Gillis, fue duro...

00:01:20,048 --> 00:01:22,900
pero usar lo que te dije en
una conversación privada...

00:01:22,925 --> 00:01:25,095
eso cruza una línea que
incluso Harvey jamás cruzaría.

00:01:25,120 --> 00:01:26,787
- Donna.
- Aún no termine.

00:01:26,838 --> 00:01:29,857
Cuando dejaste la firma,
también me dejaste...

00:01:29,924 --> 00:01:32,359
pero sinceramente pensé que
siempre seríamos amigos.

00:01:32,410 --> 00:01:34,286
Ahora no estoy tan segura.

00:01:35,413 --> 00:01:37,264
Amy, ¿le enviaste el paquete a Donna?



Open with the firm voting between Jessica and Daniel. Louis appears to be conflicted.Rachel is stunned to see Mike at work the day after Edith's death. He's feeling guilty because he wasted his last chance to see her alive working. He blows up at her.After looking at the votes Jessica announces that Daniel is the managing partner "effective immediately." He tells Harvey he recognizes his value to the firm and wants to make sure he's not leaving.Cut to Harvey telling Jessica he wants them to crab a dozen partners and leave. She cites a non-compete clause that prevents them from practicing law for a year in New York. She wants to wait until she has a position of strength and make a move.Mike buys $100 worth of marijuana.Harvey is being moved down to a different floor in favor of a lawyer who has been loyal to him. He walks to Daniel's office and tells him "I'm coming for you."Daniel tells Louis he wants to get rid of Harvey, assuring him that there is a target on both of their backs.Cut to Louis giving Mike a bunch of files, telling him he needs to take care of that work before he does anything for Harvey. As of now Mike is just like the rest of the associates and if he doesn't like it he can quit. Louis threatens to fire him if he doesn't do what he's told.Louis gives Harvey what appears to be a particularly dry case and tells him about Mike's new role.Harvey tries to tell Mike things are going to operate as they always have. Mike blows up at him in front of a room full of associates, saying it might be time he accepts that he and Jessica have lost. Harvey says "Go home. Now."We see Mike at home getting high. The next morning he wakes up late to a knock at his door. It's Rachel, there to remind him he's late for the funeral. She spots the marijuana and wonders what is going on. He pretends to flush the rest down the toilet, but actually sticks it in his medicine cabinet.Harvey is struggling to find someone to fill-in for Mike. Donna reminds him that he sent Mike home, then tells him Louis has made sure none of the associates are available to help him.Mike is nervous about speaking at the funeral. Someone named Tess shows up and helps convince Rachel he'll feel better afterwards. He talks about his parents being taken from him and Edith stepping in to fill their role. "She was my whole family," he says. After the speech Rachel meets Tess formally and learns the two of them have known each other since childhood and dated briefly.Harvey finishes the case for Louis then learns he will be his second chair in court.Mike tells Tess about cancelling on Edith just before she died. It seems that she took their break-up hard. They end up kissing. She stops him and says "I'm married." He is furious.Harvey shows up at Mike's apartment. He says he didn't think Mike was ready to deal with Edith's death so he intentionally kept him busy. Harvey grabs one of Mike's joints and lights up.Louis apologizes to Donna for her being caught in the middle of everything. He says she'll always have a place working for him and she essentially tells him to go to hell.Harvey and Mike get rip-roaring stoned. Mike opens about never feeling like an orphan because he had Edith in his life. Harvey says that because of his lousy parents he knows what it's like to feel alone growing up. They get the idea of pissing in Daniel's office and head down there in the middle of the night.At the office Harvey changes his mind and thinks they should do something more original than just urinating. He tells Mike he's going to get his can opener.Cut to Louis in Harvey's office trying to break into his computer. Harvey catches him in there and grabs him by the throat. Mike pulls him off, saying that if he punches Louis "they win." After Louis leaves the office and Mike thinks about planting something in Daniel's office. Mike says Daniel wouldn't hesitate to do something like that to him, and this gets Harvey thinking that perhaps Daniel planted the memo Donna found. They start putting the pieces together, realizing that Daniel was working with Tanner.Harvey and Mike tells Jessica what they suspect, but she won't act until they get her some proof.Harvey drops by Tanner's gym and gets into the boxing ring with him. Tanner says if Harvey beats him he'll talk. The two go back and forth, with Tanner eventually granting him one question. He tells him only that he settled because the memo "was a fraud."Mike finds what he's been looking for in a filing cabinet, then gives Rachel a deep kiss. She doesn't want it to happen so soon after Edith's passing.Daniel arrives for work and Louis hands him a folder requesting action on something Harvey-related. Daniel signs off.Louis is waiting for Harvey on his floor with a specimen for a drug test. He says he smelled Harvey the other night and knows he can't pass. Harvey refuses to take the test and Louis says he's fired. Harvey reminds him he's entitled to a hearing.Harvey tells Jessica why he can't take the test. Harvey tells Jessica what he learned from Tanner, though he doesn't yet have proof. Donna pops her head in to say that Harvey's review will take place in an hour.Mike waits for the car company's CEO, Kemp, in the garage, wanting him to sign and affidavit saying he told Daniel about the hood problems and Daniel advised him to cut a deal. Kemp says no and drives off.After Daniel tells the partners in the hearing that Harvey should be terminated for refusing to take a drug test, Harvey accuses him of writing the memo and getting Tanner to come after the firm. Daniel point out he has no evidence, at which point Mike walks and drops a folder on the table. He says it is a signed affidavit from Kemp, but shakes his head at Harvey indicating he's bluffing. Daniel doesn't think the affidavit will hold up in court, but Jessica says that it doesn't have to. She points out that he essentially had the other partners spend $100,000 of their own money (the cost of the settlement) to buy him control of the firm. Daniel makes a motion to fire Harvey, but doesn't get enough votes. Jessica then asks who is in favor of Daniel's dismissal on the basis of his filing a fraudulent law firm against the firm. Everybody's hand goes up, including that of Louis. She tells him "consider your partnership bought up."Afterwards Mike tells Harvey and Jessica that he did not commit a felony because he signed his own name on the affidavit. Daniel simply never bothered to check. They toast their victory with Donna.Tess drops by Mike's place.Daniel asks Jessica to sign a confidentiality agreement in exchange for him dropping the matter. He says he's not done coming after her.We see Mike and Tess in bed. There is a knock on the door that he thinks is a pizza. It's Rachel, who has changed her mind and wants them to get together. She sees a half-naked Tess in the back and realizes what has happened.

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