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Roger Dodger (2002)

Roger Dodger (2002)

Roger Dodger.srt

Roger Dodger (2002)

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00:00:55,306 --> 00:00:58,306
Lo que sucede ahora sólo importa
dentro del contexto...

00:00:58,406 --> 00:01:00,573
...de nuestra evolución
continua como especie.

00:01:00,673 --> 00:01:03,973
Sólo dije que ojalá mi hermana
aprendiera a leer el mapa del metro.

00:01:04,073 --> 00:01:06,207
Al decirlo, desprecias
la importancia básica...

00:01:06,307 --> 00:01:08,774
...de la utilidad en las relaciones humanas.

00:01:08,874 --> 00:01:12,041
Nuestra capacidad--
La de los hombres para leer mapas...

00:01:12,141 --> 00:01:13,574
...y orientarnos, nos hace útiles.

00:01:13,674 --> 00:01:16,541
Será mejor que tu hermana
nunca estudie un mapa.

00:01:16,641 --> 00:01:21,475
¿Dices que las mujeres tenemos un
sentido de la orientación inferior?

00:01:21,575 --> 00:01:23,742
No mires alrededor y señala el norte, Joyce.

00:01:23,842 --> 00:01:25,242

00:01:25,342 --> 00:01:27,242
Ya me oíste. Señala el norte.
Rápido. Norte.

00:01:27,342 --> 00:01:28,642
Rápido. Norte.

00:01:28,742 --> 00:01:30,742
Norte. Norte.

00:01:32,543 --> 00:01:34,776
- Tienes razón.
- ¿Tiene razón?

00:01:34,876 --> 00:01:36,610
- Así es.
- Qué admirable.

00:01:36,710 --> 00:01:38,843
Como ha hecho a través de la historia...

00:01:38,943 --> 00:01:42,477
...la hembra responde al macho
que demuestra la mayor utilidad.

00:01:42,577 --> 00:01:45,444
Al afinar esas habilidades
que me hacen útil...

00:01:45,544 --> 00:01:48,811
...alejo mi inevitable obsolescencia.

00:01:48,911 --> 00:01:51,578
¿Afinas tu capacidad
de programar la videocasetera?

00:01:51,678 --> 00:01:55,843
Mi videocasetera lleva tres años
dando las 1 2:00.

00:01:56,112 --> 00:01:58,112
¿Qué más, Roger?

00:01:58,112 --> 00:02:02,012
Ah, conducir con palanca de cambio.
Cargar cosas pesadas.

00:02:02,112 --> 00:02:04,179
- Guitarra de aire.
- Sí, sí.

00:02:04,279 --> 00:02:06,146
Ríanse cuanto gusten.

00:02:06,246 --> 00:02:09,546
Pero mientras la mujer no desarrolle
la telequinesis--...

00:02:09,646 --> 00:02:11,113
...y sí lo hará--...

00:02:11,213 --> 00:02:13,313
...la fuerza física
sigue siendo de utilidad.

00:02:13,413 --> 00:02:15,708
Brindo por la fuerza bruta.

00:02:17,380 --> 00:02:21,914
Roger, estás olvidando una utilidad
masculina muy importante.

00:02:22,014 --> 00:02:24,014
¿Qué cosa? ¿Asar carne?

00:02:26,448 --> 00:02:27,481
El sexo.

00:02:27,581 --> 00:02:31,949
Sí. Yo quiero un hombre que haga
más que programar mi videocasetera.

00:02:32,049 --> 00:02:35,982
Yo te programaré tu videocasetera
como nunca te la han programado.

00:02:36,082 --> 00:02:38,349
El casete entra por arriba.
¿Crees que puedas?

00:02:38,449 --> 00:02:40,949
Un grupo de científicos en Inglaterra...

00:02:41,049 --> 00:02:43...


At lunch with several marketing professionals Roger (Campbell Scott) expounds on the primal difference between men and women. His argument is that men have a place and that is to hunt and have women, and women are naturally designed to stay at home. Later that evening as he lets himself into the apartment of Joyce (Isabella Rossellini), his boss at work and partner in an undercover office romance, Joyce states that she wants to end their relationship. The next day Roger is further bruised by the fact that Joyce has invited the office to her apartment for a party and the company invitation excluded Roger. Roger realizes that his time as office pet has come to an end, and as he trucks back to his cubicle he finds his nephew Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) in a standing meditative state. A senior in high school Nick says he has come to New York to interview at Columbia and would like to spend time with Roger getting a quick course on how to get a girlfriend. Roger takes him out on the town to give him lessons on how to start the relationship with women and eventually start dating. Roger sneaks Nick into a bar and puts him through some paces, first attracting the attention of Andrea (Elizabeth Berkley), an attractive woman. Soon Andrea summons her friend Sophie (Jennifer Beals) to make up a foursome, and they are immediately attracted to Nick because of his openness and unassuming manner and the fact that he has none of the jaded attitude that Roger has. From Rogers point of view Nick doesnt have the temperament for true urban womanizing. As the night wears on Roger castigates Nick for his inability to close the deal and make love to a woman and successfully give up his virginity, and decides to crash Joyces party. Roger gives Nick some instruction and even manages to set up an opportunity with an office associate Donna (Mina Badie) but Nicks conscience prevents him from reverting to Rogers tactics to make love to the inebriated young woman. But the appearance at the party leads to a scene in which Roger makes it very public what has happened to his relationship with Joyce, and manages to get himself fired in the process. As they move back into the night Roger tells Nick that there is always a fail-safe method to getting a woman, and that is to visit a brothel. At the underground location Roger cannot let Nick lose his virginity in such an emotionally barren atmosphere, and drags him back to his apartment to sleep things off. Roger has failed to introduce to the mysteries of the world, but has perhaps, gained a glimmer of a conscience. Nick travels back to his mother but Roger shows up unexpectedly to tutor Nick and his classmates on their home turf, bonding with the younger man in a more potent way, in an atmosphere populated by pre-adolescent peers.

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