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Dragon Lore: Curse of the Shadow (2013)

Dragon Lore: Curse of the Shadow (2013)


Dragon Lore: Curse of the Shadow (2013)

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En el segundo período, la guerra entre los dioses

00:00:18,749 --> 00:00:21,776
Aunque no se libró y los Dioses
el país mostró su enojo se siente

00:00:21,796 --> 00:00:24,952
el número de supervivientes pequeñas y dispersas

00:00:24,972 --> 00:00:26,735
personas preguntaron en el orden

00:00:26,755 --> 00:00:29,944
una alianza desesperada con elfos y orcos

00:00:29,964 --> 00:00:34,588
El final de la lucha obligó a los Orcos y Elfos
oscura en áreas inexploradas

00:00:34,610 --> 00:00:37,461
Mientras que el fin estaba luchando por recuperarse

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== Fueron los profetas habían atormentado por visiones
una oscuridad cada vez mayor en el oeste

00:00:41,553 --> 00:00:45,217
y la maldad de la antigüedad
quien regresó

00:00:45,237 --> 00:00:48,317
los pobres
esquinas iluminadas de tabernas y cavernas

00:00:48,337 --> 00:00:53,202
Se podía escuchar los susurros del sindicato
conspiradores conocido como el Shadow

00:00:53,222 --> 00:00:57,106
En la región de la frontera sin ley entre
y Waspire Tumba Battle

00:00:57,126 --> 00:00:59,699
surgió vasallos Shadow of the

00:00:59,719 --> 00:01:03,914
Los profetas pecados propios agentes de
buscar el origen

00:01:03,934 --> 00:01:07,904
y las intenciones de las Sombras Cabal

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. == El audio subtitulado por: NoCredits *

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Presentado por:

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Has estado ocupado, Bloodmoon.

00:03:21,718 --> 00:03:27,700
Asesinato, violación, incendio premeditado,
la deshonra de una reliquia sagrada.

00:03:30,926 --> 00:03:34,894
Vamos a perder su objetivo, a pie.

00:03:34,914 --> 00:03:37,679
Y te voy a dar doble.

00:06:04,774 --> 00:06:08,536
Me gustaría darte lo que pides.

00:07:54,670 --> 00:07:59,916
¿Qué estás haciendo aquí, señor?
No sabe lo que está pensando.

00:07:59,936 --> 00:08:03,730
Qué, ¿quién es?

00:08:04,275 --> 00:08:08,341
Es usted, Gyarmuck?
- ¿Qué quiere?

00:08:08,371 --> 00:08:11,027
Quiero hablar contigo.

00:08:27,404 --> 00:08:30,138
Usted rastreado me Keltus.

00:08:30,158 --> 00:08:32,987
Los dioses han condenado la orden,
que usted debe saber.

00:08:33,356 --> 00:08:36,877
Quiero respuestas.
- Le explico a alguien responsable

00:08:36,897 --> 00:08:39,663
salvo en la sombra.

00:08:39,906 --> 00:08:42,584
Eso se reúne al menos dos de mis preguntas.

00:08:48,337 --> 00:08:50,661
Realmente ha hecho su mejor


On an alternate world, in the Second Age the Order, a desperate alliance of men, elves and dwarves are led and advised by prophets. Together they finally end the war against the orcs and dark elves. As the Order struggles to restore civilization, an ancient evil is rekindled in the Western lands. Operatives of a syndicate of conspirators known as The Shadow emerge from the lawless borderlands. The Order dispatches agents of its own to discover the origin and intentions of The Shadow Cabal.Meanwhile, in the wastelands the elven bounty huntress Nemyt Akaia (Danielle Chuchran) has been looking for the fugitive orc bandit Fangtor Bloodmoon (Adam Abram). Fangtor is shaman, a dragon rider. Using a ballista Nemyt shoots down the monster and its rider but Fangtor survives the crash. After an intense fight Nemyt cuts off his head. In death Fangtor curses Nemyt with the mark of The Shadow Cabal, which appears as a black sigil on her left forearm.Keltus (Richard McWilliams), also known as Wanderer, an agent of the Order and ambassador of the Prophetess of Arialia (Bailee MyKell Cowperthwaite), tracks the dwarf Gyarmuck (James C. Morris) to his cave seeking information about the Shadow. Unfortunately, Gyarmuck is already serves the Cabal and the two battle. Gyarmuck brags that the God of Death will awaken a few days hence and that using mystic vessel, to be delivered by Kullimon's raiders, not even the Gods will be able to stand against the power of the Shadow. Having told us what we need to know, Gyarmuck tries to kill Keltus with a homemade bomb, but the explosion blows off his arm and apparently kills him.Elsewhere, orc raider Kullimon The Black (Paul D. Hunt), finds out that the orc horde he has been leading has attacked a human friary, strictly against his orders. Moreover, the leader of the raid is his first deputy Mulgrut (Kyle Paul), who is working for a shadow agent. Kullimon tells the orcs that he has always wanted his men to be honorable warriors and not thieves or murderers. But Mulgrut divides the horde with promises of wealth. Disgusted, Kullimon and his loyal orcs attempt to leave, but they are attacked by Mulgrut's traitors orcs. Kullimon alone survives and is taken prisoner.Keltus, not knowing what to do next prays to his prophetess to report his findings and to get new orders. The prophetess tells him that the Gods are preparing their return but that they must not succeed. If the death god Goth Azul is unleashed from the underworld, life will end. She informs Keltus that General Drennon (Danny James) keeps a Shadow agent in his outpost's dungeon. Keltus' mission is to question him by any means necessary to get new information.Nemyt enters that outpost just before Keltus. He sees that the elf is cursed and follows her but Nemyt only wants her bounty for Fangtor's head. Drennon dismissively refuses to pay the full amount offering a lesser sum instead. Enraged, Nemyt replies that she should more rather than less for having been cursed and demands a cleric to remove the black sigil. The mark can't be removed, Drennon replies, in fact, she will now be considered a Shadow agent. His men seize her. Nemyt puts up a good fight but is finally knocked out and put into jail.Keltus now enters Drennon's office and they discuss the problem that dwarves, and now even elves, are being drafted into the Shadow Cabal. Keltus asks to interrogate the imprisoned Shadow agent Maggut Gulbrow (James C. Morris) as soon as possible.In the jail Nemyt has been chained in the same cell as Maggut. He becomes impressed that an elf is now a part of the Cabal. He confides in her, revealing that if she is able to get free she must retrieve a box of gold and take it to Garret's Crossing at a specific time. There she must exchange the gold with Kullimon's raiders for the sacred vessel, an artifact the Shadow is seeking. Nemyt asks where she can find the gold and Maggut tells her that she can find it close to the bleeding stone. She must also collect the blood from the altar but only at dawn. When Nemyt asks, where the bleeding stone is Maggut becomes suspicious that maybe the elf is a spy. As a Shadow agent Nemyt should already know the place. Maggut tries to kill her, but he is no match for the huntress.Keltus enters the cell and finds Maggut's body and asks Nemyt if Maggut spoke before he died, but the elf refuses any answer. Changing his tactics he takes her into his custody by authority of the prophetess. The duo is stopped by a veiled woman (Eve Mauro) with a handcart as they prepare to leave. The woman tells Keltus that death is upon him, that a hero is known by his deeds but is judged by his heart. She asks him who his heart belongs to and leaves.Once in the wilderness Keltus takes off Nemyt's handcuffs,but the elf attacks knight immediately. To quiet her, Keltus assures Nemyt that a priestess of the Order will remove the mark IF Nemyt is willing to help him infiltrate the Shadow. Knowing that the mark will kill her at some point, she agrees and tells Keltus, that they have to go the bleedng stone.On the way Keltus learns that Nemyt is a high elf of the GaruunDan, who survived the Orc Wars as a child.explaining her violent hatred of orcs. Crossing forest they discover Kullimon tied to a cross but still alive. The elf wants to kill him, but Keltus stops her and frees the Orc in exchange for information. Kullimon tells them that Mulgrut has attacked a monastery of mendicants to steal the bone-vessel for the Shadow. The artifact contains the holy ashes of Amun-Khan. Disbelieving, Keltus asks for the place of the exchange. Kullimon offers to take them there to get his revenge on Malgrut, but Nemyt reveal the place and time--Garret's Crossing at new moon. Kullimon notices the elf's mark of the elf, refuses accompany them any longer inciting Nemyt to attack him. The fight ends in a draw. Keltus, acting as mediator, gets them to agree to work together for the common good.Together they reach the Bleeding Stone, an ancient meeting place for warlocks. Nemyt tells the others that she is supposed to collect the blood dripping from it. Kullimon thinks that it must be important for the Shadow. Keltus decides they might need the blood at some point of their mission. While they wait Nemyt sneaks away to collect Maggut's gold, hidden close by. In her absence a horde of undead and an Abomination attack her two companions, wounding Keltus. They are outnumbered and held by the hulking monster. Upon Nemyt's return the undead stop fighting, recognizing her as one of them. Kullimon takes advantage of the respite and kills the monster. Nemyt kills all the rest.Keltus discovers the gold, enraging the elf again. She asks, if the prophetess will really able to help her. Keltus affirms his previous statement, calming Nemyt. He sees that she is beginning to change. They collect the blood and leave to Garret's Crossing.Kullimon expresses the thought that Nemyt must be evil since she was cursed and the Shadow can only claim souls, which are filled with murder and hatred. But Keltus defends Nemyt. He tells the orc about Fangtor's fate, his curse for Nemyt and also that Nemyt is a child of the GaruunDan. Kullimon understands, and is also thankful, that she killed the shaman, since Fangtor turned Malgrut evil.At Garret's Crossing they wait for Malgrut's orcs, who should bring them the bone-vessel. Keltus wants Nemyt to pretend that she is the Shadow agent, who is buying the vessel with Maggut's gold. After the exchange the Order should destroy the bone-vessel. Without the two others knowing Keltus prays again to his prophetess to report his findings and his plan. He tells the prophetess that he promised, that a priestess of the Order will remove Nemyt's mark. The prophetess disagrees and orders Keltus to kill Nemyt, when she gets useless. As a murderer and servant of Goth Azul she has to die. Keltus agrees.

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