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Dexter S02E06 (2006)

Dexter S02E06 (2006)


Dexter S02E06 (2006)

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00:01:45,811 --> 00:01:47,272
Anteriormente en "Dexter"...

00:01:47,412 --> 00:01:49,838
Debemos atraparlos en el acto
en el astillero.

00:01:49,978 --> 00:01:53,359
Se enterará, y me matará.

00:01:54,509 --> 00:01:56,228
Harry conocía a mi madre.

00:01:57,164 --> 00:01:59,878
¿Por qué Rita imprimió literatura
de Narcóticos Anónimos...

00:01:59,913 --> 00:02:00,913
...si Paul está muerto?

00:02:00,918 --> 00:02:03,254
Porque recientemente
entré en el programa.

00:02:03,970 --> 00:02:06,791
¿De cuántas maneras tengo que decirte
que estoy bien, Maria?

00:02:06,800 --> 00:02:08,058
Este es mi departamento.

00:02:08,178 --> 00:02:09,643
Necesito saber que estás bien
para trabajar.

00:02:09,644 --> 00:02:10,844
¡Ese es mi trabajo como teniente!

00:02:11,095 --> 00:02:12,752
Siempre me detengo para
almorzar a la 1:00.

00:02:12,913 --> 00:02:15,998
Aprenderás eso de mí.
¿Por qué no te sientas?

00:02:16,646 --> 00:02:19,247
Eres muy inquieta.
¿Alguien te lo dijo alguna vez?

00:02:19,537 --> 00:02:20,945
Mi padre.

00:02:21,386 --> 00:02:22,654
¿Se postulará para el trabajo?

00:02:22,815 --> 00:02:24,313
Dijiste que llamarías.

00:02:24,538 --> 00:02:27,162
¿Dónde estás
y cuándo regresas?

00:02:27,337 --> 00:02:28,837
Mañana por la mañana.

00:02:28,998 --> 00:02:30,937
Prométeme que lo primero que harás
será pasar por mi casa.

00:02:30,972 --> 00:02:31,972
Te veré pronto.

00:02:31,976 --> 00:02:34,530
- ¿Está de acuerdo en que hagas esto?
- No le conté.

00:02:34,673 --> 00:02:35,853
No me importa lo que hayas hecho.

00:02:35,953 --> 00:02:37,900
Ya no estoy seguro
de quién me hizo lo que soy.

00:02:38,043 --> 00:02:40,416
Lo gracioso es que conocí a alguien
que no le importa lo que soy.

00:02:40,508 --> 00:02:42,285
Llámame cuando regreses. Quiero hablar
contigo sobre Coral Cove.

00:02:42,605 --> 00:02:44,062
¿Qué pasa con Coral Cove?

00:02:44,202 --> 00:02:45,952
Las algas en las rocas nos
llevaron hacia allí.

00:02:46,213 --> 00:02:48,249
Si fuera tú, realmente
consideraría mover tu bote.

00:02:48,442 --> 00:02:50,323
La seguridad allí es una porquería.

00:02:50,324 --> 00:02:51,987
Cuando regrese, iré al embarcadero...

00:02:52,022 --> 00:02:53,904
...y me aseguraré de que no quede
rastro alguno de sangre en mi bote.

00:02:54,077 --> 00:02:55,529
No es un embarcadero comercial.

00:02:55,710 --> 00:02:57,972
Pero puedo ver que el mantenimiento
de este lugar es lamentable.

00:02:58,112 --> 00:02:59,852
Por eso es que voy a ordenar
vigilancia de 24 horas...

00:02:59,952 --> 00:03:01,395
...en este embarcadero y los...


Open with Dexter adrift in the ocean, clutching a piece of the lifeboat. He thinks about what knowing he is going to die feels like. Just then a ship happens by. It seems to be a group of people trying to get into the U.S. illegally. The owner/captain of the boat pulls out a gun and tries to rob everybody. Dexter takes a huge fishing spear and kills the man. He takes control of the boat and brings everybody to shore.Travis is still in the home of the couple he killed. On TV we see that a solar eclipse will take place the following day.Dexter tells Jamie he fell off his boat while out at sea. She reminds him that Harrison's pageant is tomorrow.Travis breaks apart furniture and piles it in the middle of the living room. He says "Today's the day" and leaves.An emotional Deb hugs Dexter. She heard his boat had washed ashore and was worried he was dead. She says "I love you" and he says "I love you, too." She says "You do?" She doesn't think he's ever told her. They get word of a double murder.It's the couple Travis killed. Dexter is the first one inside which gives him the opportunity to remove his face from the huge painting Travis created in the living room. The rest of the team comes inside. They figure out the painting is the beast in the lake of fire, and wonder if it's the final tableau. Deb is acting strangely around Dexter. After she leaves, Dexter spots a hand-made drawing in the trash. He wonders if Travis's work isn't finished after all.Travis drives by and sees the police have shown up. He wonders what to do next, then look down at Dexter's driver's license and says "Thank you."Louis asks Masuka about working in the department permanently. Masuka mentions part-time work might be possible.Deb shows the department the night before a pilot took a picture of a circle of fire about seven miles off shore (Dexter's boat). They think that means Travis has completed his work. The working guess is that Travis will want to watch the eclipse (the end of the world) from a high point, which in Miami means a skyscraper. Deb wants to post uniform officers at the top of the city's tallest buildings.Based on the sketch Dexter found he decides Travis will most likely be going to the Transcorp Building, which is solar powered. Deb asks Dexter to do a final sweep of Travis's church after Harrison's pageant. She asks Dexter if they need to talk but he doesn't seem to know what she's talking about.Angel tells Quinn he's going to transfer him out of Homicide. Quinn isn't happy.Much to Deb's surprise Maria loves her idea of targeting the skyscrapers in order to find Travis.Using Dexter's keys Travis lets himself into Dexter's apartment. He learns that Dexter has a son and spots a flyer for the pageant.The way the pageant is organized, each parent leads their toddler on stage wearing a mask of the animal their child is dressed as.We see Deb give final instructions to the officers that will be looking for Travis. Quinn tells Angel that he's told his union rep that he has an alcohol problem. Since it's a disease as long as he seeks help he can't be fired or transferred.Looking at one of Gellar's drawings and going back to some old pictures they suspect that Travis may not be done killing. Deb calls Dexter and says that before the eclipse (which is less than an hour) Travis will offer a sacrifice. Since a lamb was used in the drawing she thinks it could be an innocent of some kind. Dexter realizes he can't find Harrison. A woman tells him that Harrison "just left" and we see Travis had taken Dexter's mask and is now leading Harrison towards the Transcorp Building.Using Harrison as a distraction Travis is able to kills the cop stationed on the building's roof. When Deb checks in with the various buildings Travis grabs the radio and says "all clear."Travis pulls out a sword and holds Harrison in his arms. Just before killing Harrison Dexter runs up and tells him to stop. Since "the beast" isn't dead, Dexter argues, sacrificing an innocent won't work. Dexter gets Travis to agree to release Harrison as long as he injects himself with the hypodermic he's brought. But Dexter doesn't actually pull the plunger and turns the tables on Travis as he is about to kill him. He knocks Travis unconscious and grabs Harrison.When the Transcorp officer stops responding Deb & Co head over. They find the officer dead. They see an altar, but no sign of Travis. Deb is panicking that the've lost him. Maria shows up and assures Deb she did the right thing and that she has promise as a lieutenant.Dexter gives Travis some tranquilizers and locks him in his trunk. He puts Harrison to bed.Deb goes to see her psychiatrist and says she realizes she's in love with Dexter. She thinks that is the explanation for why she's chosen terrible men. She's been trying to hide from her feelings. Her plan is to tell Dexter how she feels and find out what he thinks.Travis wakes up on Dexter's slab. He tries to make the case that he was chosen by God to bring about a new world. Dexter counter that all Travis was doing was using God as an excuse to kill innocent people. Dexter says light cannot exist without darkness and perhaps his darkness is there to bring balance to the world.While Dexter is talking to Travis we see Deb walk through the church doors by herself. From a distance she see Dexter plunge a knife into Travis's chest. At that same moment Dexter turns his head and realizes his sister has seen him murder Travis. "Oh God," Dexter says as the season ends.

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