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8 Mile (2002)

8 Mile (2002)

8 Mile[2002]DvDrip[Eng]-BugZ.srt

8 Mile (2002)

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00:01:55,725 --> 00:01:59,725
[Subtitulos sincronizados por "Ivan El Terrible"]

00:02:16,726 --> 00:02:18,260
Espera un minuto.

00:02:34,312 --> 00:02:36,229
¡Aguanta! ¡La puta madre!

00:03:02,925 --> 00:03:05,323
¿Qué mierda estás haciendo?

00:03:05,453 --> 00:03:08,537
¿Qué mierda estás haciendo?
¿Te estás pajeando?

00:03:08,537 --> 00:03:10,071
¡Abre la puerta!

00:03:10,485 --> 00:03:13,170
Detroit 1995

00:03:14,627 --> 00:03:16,542
¿Qué pasó, hombre?
¿Qué mierda te pasa, negro?

00:03:16,542 --> 00:03:17,385

00:03:17,385 --> 00:03:18,377
¿Dónde crees que vas?

00:03:18,377 --> 00:03:20,685
-Al backstage, fui al baño.
-No puedes volver al backstage.

00:03:20,685 --> 00:03:23,622
-Vamos, perro, tengo la marca acá.
-Vuelve para el frente.

00:03:23,622 --> 00:03:26,594
-¡Pero me acabas de ver!
-Yo no vi nada.

00:03:26,594 --> 00:03:29,278
Perro, me acabas de ver,
recién vengo del baño.

00:03:29,278 --> 00:03:31,210
Mejor cállate la boca.

00:03:31,210 --> 00:03:33,809
-Todo bien, está todo bien.
-¿Está contigo?

00:03:33,809 --> 00:03:35,472

00:03:36,432 --> 00:03:40,178
Bueno, pasen. Pero tu chico
tiene un problema de actitud.

00:03:41,136 --> 00:03:44,400
Vamos, estás bien loco.
¿Quieres pelear con el grandulón?

00:03:44,400 --> 00:03:49,195
Es obvio que el tipo tiene algo contra mí.
Voy al baño y cuando vuelvo no me deja--

00:03:49,196 --> 00:03:53,649
Son tonterías. Para hombre.
Te estabas drogando, ¿no?

00:03:53,649 --> 00:03:54,608
Ven acá.

00:03:56,628 --> 00:03:59,112
Oye, Rabbit.
Sé que estás listo, Rabbit.

00:03:59,112 --> 00:04:01,413
-¿Que está haciendo?
-Se estuvo dando duro.

00:04:02,395 --> 00:04:05,271
-Déjame ver.
-Ándate a la mierda.

00:04:06,605 --> 00:04:08,524
¿Qué estás haciendo?

00:04:08,533 --> 00:04:13,904
Es la hora, Rabbit. Puedo
darte algo que tengo por acá...

00:04:15,202 --> 00:04:19,996
Janine y yo terminamos.
Y le dejé el auto.

00:04:21,131 --> 00:04:23,816
Dijo que estaba embarazada.

00:04:24,799 --> 00:04:28,163
Bueno, necesitará el
auto si está embarazada.

00:04:28,163 --> 00:04:32,767
-Necesito un lugar donde dormir.
-¿Te vas a quedar con tu jefe?

00:04:36,147 --> 00:04:39,024
Oye, ¿puedo tener un poco
de puta privacidad aquí?

00:04:43,334 --> 00:04:47,419
Mira, algo va a pasar con toda esta
mierda y tiene que pasar ahora.

00:04:47,419 --> 00:04:51,639
Oye, te entiendo. Sé exactamente
de lo que estás hablando.

00:04:51,729 --> 00:04:53,395
Vamos hombre, ¿cómo te sientes?

00:04:53,395 --> 00:04:55,625
-Me siento bien
-¿Te sientes bien?

00:04:55,625 --> 00:04:56,695
-¿Estás seguro?

00:04:56,695 --> 00:04:57,942
Estoy listo.

00:04:58,303 --> 00:05:00,942
Estas listo, fiera.
Vas a volarl...


It's 1995. Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith Jr. (Eminem) is a young and frustrated blue-collar factory worker. He has moved back north of 8 Mile to the run-down trailer home in Warren, belonging to his alcoholic mother, Stephanie (Kim Basinger), his younger sister, Lily (Chloe Greenfield) and Stephanie's abusive live-in boyfriend, Greg (Michael Shannon).Jimmy is focused on getting his rap career started. He seems to have stalled in progress; choking in the middle of a rap battle and getting booed off stage. Prior to the events of the film, Jimmy had broken up with his pregnant girlfriend, Janeane (Taryn Manning). During the film, Jimmy begins a new relationship with Alex (Brittany Murphy), who he meets at the factory he works in.Jimmy begins to realise that his life has remained pretty much the same since he graduated from high school.At first, he considers himself to be a victim of circumstances and blames others for his problems. Over time, Jimmy begins to take responsibility for his life and how much control he has over it. He questions whether his group of friends, including "Future" (Mekhi Phifer), are holding themselves back from moving onto bigger things. Jimmy appears to decide that he'll put his dream of a music career on hold so he can provide for his mother and sister.The rap battle acts as a final conflict between Jimmy and a rap group known as "The Leaders of the Free World." They have been harrassing Jimmy throughout the film. This starts with the deterioation of Jimmy's friendship with "Wink" (Eugene Byrd). Wink pesters Jimmy throughout the film, promising him that he has links to help them "get big" and he can hook Jimmy up with influential people. When Jimmy shows up at the studio, he finds Wink having sex with Alex. Enraged, Jimmy beats up Wink as Alex tries to break it up. This makes Wink team up with the "The Free World" and beats Jimmy up as his little sister, Lily watches inside the trailer. Jimmy is left with a black eye that is present at the final rap battle.Jimmy's boss is impressed by his new found responsibility, giving Jimmy the extra shifts he'd asked for at the beginning. A late night shift conflicts with a rap battle which Jimmy initially doesn't want to go to. A visit from Alex changes his mind. Paul (Craig Chandler), a gay co-worker who Jimmy stuck up for, agress to cover his shift.Throughout the film, Jimmy's friends constantly refer to him as an incredible rapper but we only see snippets of skills. The tournament consists of three rounds where Jimmy has to rap against a member of the "Free World." Jimmy wins two of the rounds with better rapping in each round.In the last round, Jimmy is pitched against "Papa Doc" (Anthony Mackie), the tournament's most feared rapper. Jimmy is aware that Papa Doc knows his weak points so Jimmy addresses them in his freestyle. He uses his 'white trash' background and the various inflictions the "Free World" have put upon him. He also acknowledges the difficult life he's had as a springboard to reveal the truth about Papa Doc; how he passes himself off as a thug but has actually come from a priviledged background.Jimmy makes a reference to the beat the DJ is playing (Shook Ones Part II), calling Papa Doc a 'halfway crook' which sends the crowd crazy. Papa Doc is left speechless, drops the mic and backs down. As Jimmy leaves the venue, Future suggests that he stay and celebrate his victory; offering him the position that would allow him to host battles at the Shelter. Jimmy refuses, stating that he needs to get back to work and do things his own way. Future accepts this and respects it. The final shot of the film sees Jimmy walking away from the shelter, looking more confident about his future.

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